How it Works


The @9 Golf Platform is a fully automated program that utilizes wireless technology to stream live video into your clubhouse from two designated par-3 holes. The technology can verify hole-in-ones or be leveraged in golf outings where players are guaranteed to win an Exclusively@9 award.

This program is set up to seamlessly work with courses currently using third-party tee booking services. @9 connects to your existing tee booking sheet. All players booking online through the course’s website will book through the connecting sheet.


The fee currently paid to third-party vendors is paid to @9. There are existing processes and agreements in place that allow revenue sharing between third-party vendors and @9.

For example: A course currently pays a fee per round booked online to a third-party tee booking service. With the @9 Golf Platform this fee is paid to @9. @9 then pays the online third-party fee booking service a portion of the fee based on the revenue sharing agreement in place. Additionally, @9 collects the customary convenience fee from each customer for all rounds booked online.

Only players booking online through the connecting sheet are eligible to participate in the @9 Golf Experience. If a player did not book online at the course website, the @9 Golf Experience can be added by the course for $2.50.

HOW IT WORKS – Golf Course

    • There is no cost for installation, technology or maintenance
    • No special par-3-hole distance measurements are required (current par-3 distance measurements are maintained)
    • There is no additional work or daily setup required by your facility
    • @9 Golf Platform seamlessly integrates into your booking platform and POS systems
    • All non-intrusive on course equipment is installed in 7 – 10 days without disruption of play
    • Everyone that books a tee time at your website is included in the @9 Golf Experience
    • @9 proprietary HD video cameras and technology provides 100% reliability in hole-in-one verification
    • @9 pays out and issues all awards
    • Your course has access to playback/review recorded video
    • @9 provides full online and onsite marketing support

Generate increased revenue from:

    • golf outings with guaranteed participant awards
    • more player rounds, value and excitement
    • availability of daily awards
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Exclusively@9 Golf Award Options


Exclusive Travel Experiences


Limited Edition @9 Breitling Watch


$5,000 Cash Award


Guaranteed Award in @9 Sponsored Golf Outing

@9 Sponsored Golf Outings

    • players can participate in an @9 sponsored golf outing where a player is guaranteed to win an Exclusively@9 product
    • @9 can customize the exclusive awards provided based on the number of players and amount paid per player
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Additional @9 Golf Platform Benefits

    • course differentiation and word of mouth excitement
    • leveraging shared data and creative marketing
    • live feed of play on par-3 holes in clubhouse
    • URL sharing of live par-3-hole activity and video content online
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